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Navoni Herbals "Goddess" Box

Navoni Herbals

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Navoni Herbals "Goddess" Box
Navoni Herbals "Goddess" Box
Navoni Herbals "Goddess" Box
Navoni Herbals "Goddess" Box

The woman’s Yoni is the Divine Passage to Life Creation, thus it must be taken care of delicately and naturally as designed. The Navoni Herbals "Goddess" Box includes everything that you need to honor and care for your Yoni! All products are made from 100% Herbal and Natural ingredients! This box includes:

  • 2- 'Poom' V-Steams
  • 1- 'Aya' Goddess Oil
  • 1- 'Divine' Yoni Wash
  • 1- 'Diva' Yoni Bar
  • 1- Navoni Herbals Box

’Poom’ V-Steam: 

  Poom' V-Steam by Navoni Herbals includes natural detoxifying herbs that can help cleanse the uterus and aid with healing women reproductive issues without having to be utilized internally. This V-Steam is also great for repairing after-birth wounds, chronic yeast infections, negative emotions, dysfunctional soul-ties and infertility. These herbs SUPPORT the natural vaginal elimination cycle.


’Aya’ Goddess Oil: 

‘Aya’ Goddess Oil helps with vaginal dryness. It helps to lubricate the vulva and labia areas of the Yoni. In addition, it balances out the delicate flora and PH of the Yoni, helping with minor yeast infections and other inflammation. Use this oil to keep skin soft after bath or shower! This oil can also be used during sexual pleasure as a natural lubricant *Shake well before use* External and Internal use . 

‘Divine’ Yoni Wash:

’Divine’ Yoni Wash is a plant-based natural feminine cleanser. It refreshes the vaginal area while using gentle herbs to maintain reproductive health. Use 2-3 pumps of wash on a wash cloth to clean inner and outter labia. External Use Only* use within 60 days of purchase for best results* 


‘Isis’ Yoni Bar:

’Isis’ Yoni Bar is a gentle beauty bar infused with natural herbs to cleanse and soften the body! It contains anti-bacterial properties and is able to help you maintain a healthy vaginal PH ! Can be used over the entire body, including the face. Good for sensitive skin- as it is gentle and unscented! External Use Only* 






These boxes are on pre-sale! Honor Your Divine Feminine and Get Yours Today!


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