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God’s Greatest Creation: The Human Body

Lakeisha Jackson

The Human Body: God’s GREATEST creation! Let’s take the heart for example: it was the very first detection of life. Not once has it taken a day off from serving you. Every single second since gestation, it has beat. No matter how bad we treat it, abuse it, or neglect it: it will ALWAYS work toward vitality and life. People rush to the doctor when something goes “wrong” or when your body signals that it’s under stress. The doctor gives you a chemical Rx: but it is still the BODY that synthesizes the Rx for it to work. All the chemical does is manipulate what the body was already capable of doing! After taking the Rx, not only is the body dealing with the stress it was signaling to you, but now it also has to get rid of the chemicals you just put into it. The body is always communicating with us. When we are off balance emotionally, physically, or spiritually; the body will be the first to let you know that it’s time to switch things up. The herb (another one of God’s genius inventions) goes into the body, supports the bodily systems, and whatever is not used gets eliminated through waste. No need to manipulate, change, or force anything. The body & the herb have a healthy and harmonious relationship. Herbal tea is a great way to keep the maintenance up on your body and it tastes great! In addition to healthy whole foods, exercise (even just walking around the block or dancing in the mirror), and a good nights sleep- herbs are a great way to treat and prevent dis-ease.

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