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The Healing Crisis

Lakeisha Jackson

I love talking about the healing crisis because it’s the most misunderstood concept when it comes to healing mentally, spiritually and physically. The healing crisis is this: Basically you’re feeling great and full of life. You’ve started eating healthy, drinking your Navoni herbal tea blends, and even working out! The Next thing you know, you have flu-like symptoms, headache, anxiety, nausea, acne, old ailments are flaring up, etc. What it’s happened !!? So you rush to the doctor or pop a Rx thinking you’re sick, but I’m actuality it is quite the opposite. The body is ALWAYS working toward health & life - periodt! As soon as you start to give it everything that it’s needs to heal, it will do just that! It’s gonna uproot and bring up all the suppressed emotions and ailments you covered up with Rx that didn’t TRULY heal. It now has enough energy & resources to deal with all the toxins that have been in your body over the course of you’re life. The body starts to push toxins out through your skin (the largest elimination channel) & hello acne breakout. If you had pneumonia at 3 years old and the doctor gave you meds before it could finish healing- hello respiratory irritation! Don’t worry! This should only last for about 3 days (maybe longer depending on the amount of toxins in the body). During a healing crisis- you should drink twice much water than usual! The organs are squeezing those toxins out to get rid of them, but if your body can’t elimitate them fast enough, those toxins will circulate in your bloodstream. Support your liver with milk thistle herb or dandelion. These can be found in Navoni Herbals ‘Come Through’ Capsules and ‘BeauTea’ Detox Tea. The liver filters these toxins out and during a healing crisis, the load is even heavier than usual. Also get more sleep than you normally would! All healing & growth is done while  Sleeping. Your body also needs to conserve its energy to complete the healing. The body won’t start a healing crisis that it doesn’t feel like it can finish. Trust it. Take care of yourself & listen to your body. Eat fresh fruit & vegetables! The fiber in them catches the toxins and takes it out with it when you poop! Don’t be alarmed if suppressed negative emotions arise during this time. Negative feelings are stored deep inside the body! Those mental toxins must get uprooted and released as well to bring total health! It feels like crap but after it’s over, you will feel like a new person!!

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