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The Laws of Healing

Lakeisha Jackson

The 3 Laws of Healing are as follows:

  • The body heals from the head down
  • The body heals from the inside out
  • The body heals in reverse order

Law #1: The body will heal the head & brain and move down the body. This is because the head is our HeadQuarters! We need our brains because it tells the rest of the body what to do.

Law #2: The body heals from the inside out. That is how we know that if you have acne, there are a lot of toxins in the blood. The body purges outward to eliminate. This would also explain emotional symptoms during a healing crisis, as emotions are the deepest level of our health. Stress and suppressed emotions are the root cause of most illness and dis-ease. You may experience vivid dreams, anxiety, and even a spurt of depression during healing as your body shifts toward its true healthy nature.

Law #3: The body will begin to work on the last thing that went wrong, then work backwards. This is why old ailments may flare up while healing because the body now has the resources to finally go back and fully heal that part of you. Example: If you recently had a viral infection, the body will heal that first, then it will heal whatever was going on before the viral infection. The body is always working to achieve optimal health! Dis-ease is not a part of who you are!


Healing is not just about physical. It is also about mental and spiritual as well. I learned the connection between the mind-body-spirit as a social worker. You could think you are depressed but really be going through a emotional healing episode! Your mind is trying to bring up those suppressed negative memories and emotions, so that they can be released. As with the body, many people take Rx to stop this healing because it does not feel good. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, even if that means temporarily using anti-depression Rx, however those emotional toxins will always attempt to be released. They do not serve you and they leave you in a state of dis-ease, instead of harmony and health. Allow these emotions to arise, with the help of a professional mental health counselor, and release them- just like you would do during physical healing. Emotional wounds and physical wounds both take time and energy to heal, so be patient with yourself and body. Be sure to get lots of rest during these healings, as the body can only truly heal in a relaxed state. Navoni Herbal Relaxation Tea blend can help you ease some of your anxiety and help you relax & get a good nights sleep to prepare for healing!



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